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Benezra Construction LLC has never been this busy before and unfortunately we are NOT currently accepting or bidding any new remodel projects that fall into the category of a “standard” remodel.  If you have something non-standard though, we might be interested!








Does your back yard need a new deck?  Is your fence falling down?  Would a coat of paint freshen up your home exterior?



He was also incredibly patient, explaining things to me in different ways until I understood while I kept trying to make decisions.  (Being directionally challenged, it is not easy to make me understand how the pipes will run…believe me!  He even sent me an aerial photo). On top of this, we chose not to do the most expensive option, making things more complex.  Jeremy kept sending us cost analysis for various option, including moving out the renters….and comparative analysis of the various approaches.   It really put our minds at ease to have him on this in such a difficult situation while we were away!

Gayle K, Clyde Hill, Bellevue

I really appreciate his fast, detailed work… the majority that I have encountered in this field (construction Consulting) are not like him.

J Tozzer, Engineer, Seattle

Jeremy- Its done eh! Can you send me the final bill. You’ve done brilliant work and everything looks great – the lights, the bathroom!  You saved my life with all the new water and electrical meters.

Tom - Professional Cyclist, Peterson Bicycles - Renton

Thank you, Jeremy!
You guys did a great job. I’m very happy with the carpet. Nice choice with the colors in the Phone Booth.
Thanks for your notes about soundproofing. I’m satisfied with the look of it. Everything looks great.

Pam, Projectline Inc - Office Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Jeremy is very professional every step of the way.  He’s very courteous and will answer all your questions.  During the several projects we’ve used him for, Jeremy and his crew were very punctual, very thorough & they cleaned up well every day before going home (which made my wife very happy).  We have used Jeremy’s services for a wide variety of jobs and plan to use him again in the near future.

Larry B , Mercer Island